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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have Account minimums?

At Benchmark Financial Design, we do not believe in account minimums. Our belief is that everyone who seeks financial leadership and is willing to engage in a relationship with us deserves to be served. We also feel that account minimums are for firms that have a relationship with your money, not with you.

What is our ideal relationship?

Our ideal relationship is not defined by your assets. Instead, we feel that we have created an enterprise of like-minded individuals and families. We serve these relationships by understanding what is important to them in their lives and can achieve their dreams.

What investments do you use?

While our list of investments can be found in our Services tab, it is more important to understand why we use the investments we do. As a private firm, we do not have a pre-suggested list of funds or investments that we must use. Each situation is different, and as a private firm we have the ability and discretion to select those options that best fit your situation and goals.

How do we get paid?

Benchmark Financial Design is a fee-based financial planning firm. As a fee-based firm, our desired method is to be paid as a percentage of assets under management. We feel this method holds our leadership in the clearest light, since there is no commission or income generated from transactions or account movement. However, for some relationships, a pure fee-only or commission basis is better suited for their needs. In these situations we can charge a fee or commission on a pre-determined basis.

What is a private client?

A private client is defined by relationship, not assets. By defining who enters into our private enterprise, and maintaining strict focus on the highest of professional standards throughout the enterprise, we are able to provide customized leadership for those we serve.

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